Coconut Water: The Benefits of Drinking the World’s Most 

Amazing Sports Drink Right for You?

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Amazing Info’s | Coconut water has now gone global and it’s not just because celebrities are drinking it. Advertised as a healthier alternative to sports drinks, coconut water is increasing in popularity with several producers competing for a piece of the rapidly growing market. While it may be a popular choice, is coconut water right for you?
It’s always essential to stay hydrated, however it’s mostly through the summer months that we’re sweating more and outside in the heat. Water is always there, but coconut water offers a natural alternative.
John Isner, a pro tennis player, credited coconut water with keeping him going during his 11-hour match at Wimbledon.
“For hydration I drink coconut water prior to a match and on court. It’s loaded with potassium and electrolytes which help keep me from cramping no matter how much I’m sweating,” Isner said.
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Scientists say the benefit is all about potassium and its naturally occurring electrolytes, along with the added benefits of having no fat or cholesterol and not many calories.
The National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society Researchers presented their coconut water findings. They pointed out that coconut water is an effective sports drink if you’re looking to replenish potassium levels. As a matter of fact, they found that coconut water has as much as five times the potassium that’s available in Powerade and Gatorade. Considering these high potassium levels, it’s apparent that coconut water is a good choice for anyone engaging in moderate level workouts, as it will help in fighting off the effects of muscle pains.
However, Researchers also explained that while potassium levels are higher in coconut water, its sodium levels are somewhat lacking. Their research found it to have only two-thirds of the sodium levels found in Gatorade and Powerade. Consequently, if you engage in extreme and strenuous workouts with excessive sweating, it’s probably not the best choice.
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Nutritionist Monica Reinagel stated that it does a better job at keeping you hydrated than plain water but most people aren’t working out long enough or hard enough to seriously need it.
“They really don’t need an electrolyte replacement drink, all they need to rehydrate is water,” she said.
For hardcore fitness aficionados, she adds that the mineral they need most is sodium and coconut waterdoesn’t have much of that.
If you’re still weighing your sports drink preferences, start by weighing up your needs. Nevertheless, it’s important to consider your specific diet and style of workouts. Even though coconut water is an effective sports drink that suits the needs of many, it may not be the vital sports drink to feed all your needs.

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